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At Your Service Companies has been contracting with GSA since 1998. We are currently an active Region 9 Low Risk GSA Maintenance and Operations Contractor under the leadership and direction of Daniel Arbanas, Director of Facility Management, and an IDIQ Construction Services Contractor under the leadership and direction of Chelcey Smith, VP of Construction Services.

At Your Service staff consists of many talented employees that are top grade in their field. With a continued education system in place, we have successful Quality Control and Building Operations Plans that can be adapted to anew contract which will decrease maintenance work orders and prevent cal backs. We also have an outstanding Preventive Maintenance approach that will prolong the life of all equipment and minimize the costs of major repairs. Our approach is to have our employees take pride in the work and the mechanical areas that they work in. This shows at each facility that we maintain.

GS09P06KSD3010 AYS was awarded this 8(a) competitive contract by GSA Region in Honolulu, Hawaii for the PJKK US Courthouse and Federal Building. For the past five years we have maintained these buidlings - and continue to receive Green performance reviews from the GSA MARS teams.

GS09P06KSD3063 AYS currently provides Maintenance and Operation Services for the Phoenix Bankruptcy Courthouse and Federal Building in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

GS09P03KSC0054 AYS provides Maintenance and Operation services for the Hilo Hawaii Federal Building and the U.S. Coast Guard Building since 2003.

Past Contracts:

GS09P05KSC0052 - 1-1/2 years contract: Contact: Mike Larson, Telephone: 808-541-1951 for references

GS09P002KSC0051 - 9-1/2 years contract - Maintenance and Operations Contractor at the Sandra Day O'Connor Building & U.S. Courthouse in Phoenix, Arizona

GS09P06KSC0023 - Currently providing management in Maintenance and Operation Services for four Tucson, Arizona federal courthouses and federal buildings. Contact: Robert L. Blachard, Telephone: 520-670-4738 for references

GS09P06KSD0024 - Three year contract for all U.S. Ports of Entry into Arizona as sole source to clean up and correct problems created by previous contactor. Currently provide management for the current M&O contract. Contact: Robert L. Blachard, Telephone: 520-670-4738 for references.

GS0903KSC0050 - Provided Maintenance and Operations services for three federal buildings and courthouses in Reno and Carson City, Nevada.

U.S. Federal Building and Post Office in Phoenix, Arizona and Wiliams Gateway VA Cinic located in Mesa, Arizona. For the VA Clinic, AYS has provided maintenance and Operations service for a five year contract.

Performance Awards:

The Sandra Day O'Connor Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse in Phoenix, Arizona won the 2009 BOMA International Government Building of the Year Award. During our contract term, the buidling also received the 2005 and 2008 BOMA Regional Government Building of the Year Award

The U.S. Federal Building and Post Office in Phoenix, Arizona was awarded the BOMA Historical Building of the Year inf 2005 while At Your Service Companies held the contract.




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