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The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others. - Albert Schweitzer

At Your Service Companies
State of Arizona
General Contractor:
B-1, #122068
Residential HVAC
Commercial HVAC

General Contracting
Licenses in Nevada
and California

Licensures in
Architectural and
Engineering Disciplines

Who We Are

For 20 years At Your Service Companies has provided a proven track-record of passionate service to our clients.

  • Does your business have emergencies that occur and you just can't find a company who will respond?
  • Are you tired of hearing, "well, that's going to cost you more?"
  • Are you looking for an eager group of professionals who you can have a long-term and honest relationship with?


This is who we are. We Are At Your Service...not just another business who has a placard on the wall stating lofty philosophies.


Our people are our strength. At the end of the day, we know that the focus of every business relationship is our honest commitment to serve.


Unless commitment is made, there are only
promises and hopes; but no plans.

-- Peter Drucker


Joe Lizarraga -

Our key executive and license holder for the companies, Joe Lizarraga, founded At Your Service Companies (AYS) In Phoenix, Arizona in 1988. At Your Service Companies (AYS) performs maintenance and operation services, construction and HVAC (both residential and commercial) work.

Joe Lizarraga received his BOMA RPA, FMA, and SMA certifications in June, 2000. Mr. Lizarraga plays an active, "hands-on" roll in the day to day operations of the company and oversees marketing, bidding, and successful completion of each contract and project.


Chelcey Smith -

As V.P. of Construction Services, Chelcey Smith holds certificates in welding and pipefitting, control of asbestos, MSHA Supervisory Certification, OSHA 500, and journeyman carpenter.

Mr. Smith provides management expertise and direction of construction and building contracts. His responsibilities include management of personnel, equipment resources and fiscal accountability of projects. He coordinates and bids projects in vertical and horizontal lifeline equipment installation and general construction. Having performed this type of work since 1988, his background includes planning, estimating, layout out work assignments based on prints, drawings and sketches. He also enforces compliance with OSHA/MSHA/ANSI regulations.

Daniel Arbanas -

Daniel Arbanas is the Director of Facilities. Daniel performs bidding services, research and development, and handles much of the marketing services for At Your Service Companies.

Company Information

At Your Service Companies is classified as a Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise - currently with approximately 70 direct personnel among our company divisions. Additionally, we have a tremendous network of established resources that are readily available. A very high percentage of our work and experiences have been in Federal Contracting.

We are a graduate of the 8a program and currently have many established contractual subcontractor relationships with current 8a and Disabled Veteran firms. We have found this to be a mutally rewarding experience that mentors and develops our colleagues. We can provide them with resources that are difficult for them to obtain. It also provides At Your Service Companies with on-going opportunities and helps others achieve their Federal Contracting Goals.




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Updated July 1, 2011